Minerva Youth Theatre

MYT was formed from The Minerva Club when in 1969 the adult group recruited some children to be in their performances of ‘Oliver!’ and then again the next year when they performed ‘The King and I’.

After these shows it was thought that there should be a “junior” Minerva Club and thus was formed the Minerva Juniors in 1971 when they performed their first show, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, at Partick Burgh Halls in Glasgow. Since then the club, later renamed as Minerva Youth Theatre, has grown and we now have around 60 boys and girls aged 9 - 18 taking part in each show.

In June 2016, MYT became a club in its own right having uncoupled by mutual agreement from The Minerva Club to allow each to pursue their own path in the future.

MYT is run by a group of volunteers who each have experience on stage and backstage and are committed to the encouragement and development of musical theatre among young people in the West of Scotland.

We present one show each year and unlike many youth theatre groups we do not position ourselves as a drama school offering tuition and classes etc. but encourage our children to enjoy performing and to discover theatre by taking part in a show rather than our providing lessons.  

We audition new members (click here for more details) in August each year and then rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons at Wardlawhill Halls in Rutherglen from August till February when we perform our show. Note some evening rehearsals during the week may also be required for principals.

We charge a nominal annual membership fee (*) and a weekly rehearsal fee (**) and seek to keep costs low to be as inclusive as possible.

Entry to MYT is by audition (£5 audition fee, deductable from membership fee if successful) and, when places are available, we invite young people aged 8 -18 (***) to join us each year in August. See our Auditions page for details.

Please note that members under 12 years of age will not be considered for principal roles unless the role specifically calls for a child of that age.

Please note that in some years it may not be possible to accept new members depending on the availability of places or due to the nature of the show.

Note also that anyone intending to audition for a principal part must be a fully paid up member of the club.

(*) Annual fees for 2018/19 is £30 for the first child in a family and £20  for each sibling thereafter.

(**) Weekly fees for 2018/19 of £5 apply to cover rental of rehearsal rooms and provision of a snack and drink at the break.

(***) The age group is determined by the child’s age at the date of the first rehearsal. So someone who is 8 but will be 9 by the show dates may join and someone who is 18 but will be 19 by the time of the show may also join. Please note that in some years it may not be possible to accept children aged 9-12 depending on the availability of places or due to the nature of the show.

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